Join us for the WCA Scavenger Hunt

Take a walk around your Whitehorn community!!!!

Hey Whitehorn, how about some winter fun that involves prizes!?! We’re holding a Scavenger Hunt and it’s easy peasy to join in on the fun and be entered to win prizes!

The scavenger hunt runs from February 1st until February 28th (we’ve extended the contest period due to the cold weather). Winners will be randomly drawn on March 1st.

Prizes are as follows:

  •  1 x $50 gift card available – all 15 items collected
  • 2 x $25 gift cards available – if 11 to 14 items are collected
  • 3 x $10 gift cards available – if 5 to 10 items collected
  • many various miscellaneous prizes to be determined


1. Like and follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram @WhitehornYYC. 

2. Take a walk around the Whitehorn neighbourhood, find and take pictures of the items on the list, upload them to social media and tag us on your posts. 

3. Be sure to use the hashtags #ScavengerHunt #EmbraceTheOutdoors #WhitehornYYC and #YYCOutdoors. Share your posts with your friends to help spread the word.

Find everything on the list here in Whitehorn:

  • a tree taller than a house
  • a mailbox
  • a bus stop
  • a garbage can with pictures on it
  • a sunset or sunrise
  • a playground
  • a snow angel
  • a big rock
  • a school
  • a baseball diamond
  • an ice rink
  • a snow person
  • a stop sign
  • the name “Whitehorn” on a street sign, building, or written in the snow or on a sidewalk
  • a selfie of yourself outside in Whitehorn!

Have fun and be creative! Take funny pictures, try to show us cross streets or landmarks to help us guess where in Whitehorn it is. Help us put together an awesome collection of photos of our awesome neighbourhood.

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Winners will be selected from a random draw on March 1st, 2021. Remember to follow us on social media and use the hashtags! Now get outside and have some fun.

Please be sure to follow and respect all Covid-19 safety guidelines & expectations.

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