WCA Branding Guidelines

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    Web Ready JPEG Logos (RGB)

    These have the standard white background.

    Web Ready PNG Logos (RGB)

    These are on transparent backgrounds. Ideal for when you are placing them on a different coloured background.

    Web Ready SUBMARK (transparent) (RGB)

    These are on transparent backgrounds. Ideal for when you are placing them on a different coloured background.


    Colour Palette

    Primary Colours
    Blue Black

    HEX: #0a2c37
    RGB: rgb(22,46,56)
    CMYK: 93% 68% 56% 59%

    Dark Teal

    HEX: #12595B
    RGB: rgb(20,86,89)
    CMYK: 87% 42% 54% 34%

    Medium Blue

    HEX: #7b9f9f
    RGB: rgb(20,86,89)
    CMYK: 53% 25% 34% 4%

    Accent Colours

    HEX: #849345
    RGB: rgb(132,147,69)
    CMYK: 51% 27% 86% 9%


    HEX: #cb8d38
    RGB: rgb(203,141,56)
    CMYK: 17% 46% 85% 5%


    HEX: #e1c405
    RGB: rgb(225,196,5)
    CMYK: 14% 17% 97% 0%

    Robin’s Egg

    HEX: #b2cecf
    RGB: rgb(178,206,207)
    CMYK: 33% 9% 17% 0%


    HEX: #B7C487
    RGB: rgb(183,196,135)
    CMYK: 33% 12% 56% 0%


    HEX: #c7d8c5
    RGB: rgb(199,216,197)
    CMYK: 25% 6% 24% 0%


    HEX: #d6ae6a
    RGB: rgb(214,174,106)
    CMYK: 16% 31% 64% 2%


    HEX: #12595B
    RGB: rgb(245,245,229)
    CMYK: 5% 1% 11% 0%


    Logo Typefaces
    PRIMARY – Indigo Serif Moon

    Indigo Serif Moon Regular typeface was used as the text foundation with highly customized ligatures and stylistic alternates used to form text logotype.

    Secondary – Cerebri Pro

    Cerebri Pro in Bold is used for the subheading in the logo as well as a secondary typeface for all promotional and marketing collateral. 

    Secondary Typefaces
    Body Text – Cerebri Pro

    Cerebri Pro in both Regular and Bold styles is used for body text in document and marketing collateral. Used in both paragraph and heading text depending on stylistic needs. License required. 

    Headings & Accent Text – Analogue

    Analogue in both Regular and Italic styles is used for headings and accent text in web and marketing collateral. License required. 

    Web Alternates
    Header Copy – Rubik

    Rubik Sans Serif in a 700 weight is used for headings on the website for header H2 through H6. Licensed through Google Fonts.


    H1 and Accent Text – Della Respira

    Della Respira Serif is used for H1 top level headings and additional accent text on the website, also in a 700 weight. Licensed through Google Fonts. 


    Print Ready Files

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