WCA 2022 Annual General Meeting

Attention: Whitehorn Community Association Members

Notice of

Annual General Meeting

of the

Whitehorn Community Association

Please come out and support our community and future endeavors. Upcoming work requires active participation of all community members. We look forward to seeing you and your neighbors on October 20, 2022.


Membership Sales

Community memberships will be available before the meeting from 6:30 PM to 6:45 PM. Only individuals in line at 6:45 PM will be able to purchase memberships. Memberships are also available at the hall by completing an application and payment to the hall administrator, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM. 

Family Membership Cost
  • $10.00 per year
  • $40.00 for five years
  • $70.00 for ten years
Voting at Meeting

Valid community membership is required. See above if one is needed.
Voting will be by show of hands unless requested otherwise.


Agenda Updates

Items can be added to the agenda by emailing office@whitehorncommunity.com by October 9, 2022.


Nominations for Board Positions

Nominations may be submitted to office@whitehorncommunity.com by October 13, 2022. Nominations will also be accepted at the meeting from the floor.

Saroz Khunkhun,


Whitehorn Community Association

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