The WCA Ice Rink is officially open, with some new rules in place!

We’re so excited to officially open up the rink to residents

Our truly amazing team of volunteers have been working non-stop to build up the ice in the rink for you, Whitehorn! Mother Nature wasn’t cooperating there for a while and melted much of their hard work, but they persevered! The rink is now open but there are some new rules in effect until further notice. These measures will be in place while we are under Covid-19 restrictions and are meant to help keep you and your community safe. So please be fair and reasonable. This only works if we all do our part.  

You will now see these signs posted around the rink at the community hall:


Please, please respect the rules. These measures are in place not only for your protection, but also because we have to follow the City’s rules. As a volunteer-run organization, this can present unique challenges. Things are fluid; they can and likely will change as time progresses, but for now, please respect these rules. Enjoy the ice and do your best to be fair so that everyone else has a chance to enjoy it as well. 

Please enjoy the ice rink respectfully

We’ve had reports of people jumping over the rink boards to access the ice when the closed sign is up and the gates are locked. If the rink sign says closed, then guys, the rink is closed. Honestly, I shouldn’t even have to explain that 🤦🏻‍♀️

There are multiple reasons we might have to close the rink but it usually has to do with the ice needing work. It takes A LOT of work to build the ice up to a level that will last the season and it is done entirely by volunteers. When you hop on that ice before it’s ready, all you do is ruin the work that’s been done and prolong the wait for everyone else. Also, those rink boards are brand new and were purchased by applying for different city and provincial grants. And the massive amount of leg and paperwork that goes into applying for these grants to improve your community? Also done by volunteers. So please, please, please show your appreciation for the work these volunteers do by respecting the rules.

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