The Good Food Box

The Good Food Box (GFB) makes top-quality, fresh food available in a way that does not stigmatize people, fosters community development and promotes healthy eating.

A program run by the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary, The Good Food Box gives community residents the opportunity to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at a very low cost. The program offers all Calgarians’ sustainable access to nutritious food to ensure that no one has to go hungry. The boxes are put together and delivered by dedicated volunteers who along with The Community Kitchen desire to see individuals and families accessing affordable nutritious food.

How It Works

Boxes are delivered once or twice a month, depending on need. The boxes contain the maximum produce possible in them for the price. We require a minimum of five orders at a time.

Payment should be made when placing the order and boxes picked up at the scheduled pick-up time. 

Box Options

Small Box:
$25 for 20-25 lbs* of fruits & vegetables

Medium Box:
$30 for 30-35 lbs* of fruit & vegetables

Large Box:
$35 for 40-45 lbs* of fruit & vegetables


*These weights are approximate and will vary depending on produce size and density.

Place an Order

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Order Schedule

Apr 3 Apr 13
Apr 24 May 4
May 29 Jun 8
Jun 19 Jun 29
Sep 18 Sep 28
Oct 16 Oct 26
Nov 13 Nov 23

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