Community Updates

General updates for and about our community and surrounding areas.

175 Whitehorn Scouts – Veterans Association Food Bank Drive

Bring us your non-perishable food items, empty bottles & cans, or cash donations The 175 Whitehorn Scouting group and the Whitehorn Community Association are looking to help out the Veterans Association Food Bank by filling a canoe full of donations.  Donors will also be entered for a chance to win an autographed Calgary Flames hockey …

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Public Art Project Manager Opportunity – closes March 1

The contract is for a one-year term, with an option for an additional one-year term. Please note this position is not with the Whitehorn Community Association. We are merely sharing this opportunity with the general public on behalf of the City of Calgary. Please use the contact information below should you have more questions. The …

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The WCA Ice Rink is officially open, with some new rules in place!

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Annual General Meeting October 22, 2020

Attention: Whitehorn Community Association Members Notice of Annual General MeetingWhitehorn Community Association Date: October 22, 2020Time: 7:00 PMDoors open at 6:30 PMPlace: Whitehorn Community Centre 228 Whitehorn Rd NE Calgary, AB Please come out and support our community and future endeavors. Upcoming work requires active participation of all community members. We look forward to seeing …

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