Beginning Friday, June 12 2020

As we move into Stage 2 of Alberta’s economic relaunch plan, it is important to do so safely and patiently after doing so well flattening the curve and not over-burdening our health system.

As per this CBC article, Stage 2 will now allow more businesses and services to reopen with two-metre physical distancing requirements and other public health measures in place. That list includes:

  • K-12 schools, for requested diploma exams and summer school.
  • Libraries, with some restrictions.
  • Places of worship.
  • Wellness services, such as massage, acupuncture and reflexology.
  • Personal services, including esthetics, cosmetics, skin and body treatments, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facial treatment and tanning.
  • Movie theatres and theatres, with restrictions.
  • Community halls, with limits on attendance.
  • Team sports, with restrictions, for up to 50 players.
  • Provincial campgrounds can operate at full capacity.

“Let me stress that no one should feel obliged to participate in any activity until they are ready and confident to do so, and that includes reopening businesses that have been affected,” 

– Premiere Jason Kenney

Some areas that were slated to be part of Stage 3 have been moved forward and include:

  • Indoor and outdoor recreation, fitness and sports centres, including gyms and swimming pools, with measures in place.
  • Concerts, casinos and bingo halls, arcades and video lottery terminals in restaurants and lounges.

Events and gatherings that can be larger in Stage 2 include:

  • Indoor social gatherings — including wedding and funeral receptions and birthday parties, with a maximum of 50 people;
  • Outdoor events and indoor seated events, including wedding and funeral ceremonies, with a maximum of 100 people.
  • As long as public health measures and physical distancing are in place, there will no longer be caps on the number of people who can attend worship gatherings, or patronize restaurants, cafés, lounges and bars.

Still not approved in Stage 2:

  • Social gatherings that exceed above listed maximums.
  • Regular in-school classes for kindergarten to Grade 12. Classes will resume in September.
  • Vocal concerts (as singing carries a higher risk of transmission).
  • Major festivals and concerts, large conferences, trade shows and events (as these are non-seated social events and/or vocal concerts).
  • Nightclubs.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Hookah lounges (permitted for food and drink only).
  • Major sporting events and tournaments.
  • Non-essential travel outside the province is not recommended. This recommendation will not be lifted until Stage 3 of the relaunch strategy.

For those with businesses or employment that will be impacted by Stage 2, please consider reviewing the Guidance Documents provided by the government to help businesses reopen and resume operations safely. They can be found here (Stage 2 guidance is further down on the page). Stay safe, be patient, be kind. We’re all in this together.

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