Saturday June 16th, 2018

9am to 2pm

             (and yay, it’s also

  …Neighbour Day!)

Saturday June 16, 2018, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. 

Residents in Calgary’s Ward 10 communities are invited to join Councillor Ray Jones on this eighth annual Community Cleanup Day. Friends, families and neighbours can spend a few hours cleaning up an important area in Ward 10 – a yard, local park, street or alley, or other local area in need of improvement.

The City of Calgary Waste & Recycling Services will be at five locations to collect residential & yard waste. Other recycling companies will be at select locations to collect: electronics, tires, metal and paper shredding at no charge.

Small appliances and household items in good condition can be donated to Cerebral Palsy who will be on site at Coral Springs/Don Hartman Northeast Sportsplex.

Residents can bring waste materials to one of six locations:

  1. Coral Springs/Don Hartman Northeast Sportsplex 5206 – 68 Street N.E.   Tires & Metal recycling included at this location 
  2. Monterey Park 2707 Catalina Blvd. N.E.  ONLY Paper shredding at this location 
  3. Pineridge 6024 Rundlehorn Dr. N.E. – Metal recycling included at this location 
  4. Rundle 2409 – 50 St. N.E.
  5. Temple 167 Templegreen Rd. N.E.
  6. Whitehorn 228 Whitehorn Rd. N.E.

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