Whitehorn Seniors

Our Vision

We strive to attract seniors who live within the community to feel safe, be socially connected, active, with a sense of belonging while supporting and contributing to the overall well-being of the Community.

Our Mission

Build towards our Vision by facilitating education, access to resources and opportunities for social interaction and community involvement.

In the past few years we have organized many events such as pot luck lunches, games afternoons, Millarville Market bus trips, ice cream socials, Christmas teas and lunch and educational events. We have participated in other Northeast and City-Wide events, communicated with the Whitehorn Community and other agencies on behalf of the seniors, supported the Whitehorn Community Association and board members as well as participating in community development workshops.

For more information please contact the community hall office at 403-280-2880
Email: whitehorncommunity228@gmail.com